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‘It proved a wise choice to engage the services of HistorySmiths as editor [and they] provided constant encouragement, invaluable editorial input, and sage advice on all matters relating to the book's production.’ (David King, author of A famous old club: a history of the Brighton Cricket Club)
‘I have always found HistorySmiths great people with whom to work.’ (Peter Hawkins, author of Xavier by the mountains)
‘You really have been a gem to work with on the project, always positive, encouraging and creative.’ (Jim Kenny, author of the Hampton Cricket Club history)
The way to the stars: 150 years of The Geelong College is a remarkable achievement, so thank you both personally and officially for the extraordinary job you and your team have done. I am very proud of it — a testimony to your patience and your skill.’ (Council Chairman, 2011)
She who conquers: a centenary history of Firbank Grammar’ is a scholarly and, at the same time, compellingly readable history written with a light touch. One of the greatest strengths of the book is its vivid pen-portraits of these diverse and remarkable women.’ (Diane Langmore, 2009)
‘We have always felt confidence in your professionalism.’ (Commissioned history client)
‘One of the many graces of Kostka: Xavier by the sea is that the authors show how Kostka was different. There are not many school histories that capture a sense of place as well as this.’
(Greg Dening, book review in Eureka Street, 1997)
‘Members of staff were amazed at your understanding of our school as it is now and in years past.’ (Commissioned history client)
For all creatures: a history of RSPCA Victoria is a glossy, coffee-table-sized, RSPCA–commissioned book, but it also has bite.’ (Carolyn Webb of The Age, July 4, 2006)
‘It is very rewarding, especially from the inside, to be able to put the whole story together and to gain a fuller sense of perspective.’ (Commissioned history client)
‘Thanks again for doing such a thorough and professional copy–edit on my manuscript. Your work has ensured that I will be able to send a much cleaner final version to [the publisher] … You have done a splendid job, especially with highlighting errors in the punctuation and some confusing sentences.’ (Dr Chris Waters, Senior Lecturer in History, Deakin University)
‘It has been the greatest pleasure working with you. I have felt reassured by your calmness, your precise sense of timing, your commitment to your work schedule, your generosity in reporting regularly to us and your trust in allowing us to read and comment on your drafts.’
(Commissioned history client)