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Torchbearers A Centenary History of Carey Baptist Grammar School


Commissioned by Carey Baptist Grammar School in celebration of its centenary. Published 2023.



Carey Baptist Grammar School’s torchbearers required a bold and earnest determination to create and maintain an educational community that is connected by faith, innovation, resilience and a welcoming embrace. Entrepreneurial endeavour and financial struggle underpinned Carey’s early development, supported always by its wide web of connections among the Baptist community of Kew and surrounding suburbs. Expansion to Bulleen, Donvale and Toonallook, and commitment to coeducation and internationalism transformed the school. Its community continued to believe in itself and drew on a tight-knit intimacy born of a small school, as well as on its treasured values of service and care for every person which have endured despite its size, now, as one of Melbourne’s largest schools. Richly illustrated and meticulously researched, this book tells the story of those torchbearers during Carey Baptist Grammar School’s first century.