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Our Work

HistorySmiths offers unique research, writing and editing services. Since 1994, HistorySmiths has delivered to satisfied clients a wide range of products. These include commissioned histories, curriculum materials, articles and encyclopedia entries. We have also conducted research projects, consulted on memorabilia conservation, contributed to conservation management plans and undertaken substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading. Clients have consistently noted our enthusiasm and diligence, which are born from a genuine passion for our work.

Our approach to projects offers clients greater security and a better product than a writer working alone can provide because our work is enriched by dynamic collegiate support. We are also able to edit meticulously the writing of our colleagues, further improving the quality of HistorySmiths’ work. Clients benefit from our combined experience of over forty-five years. HistorySmiths teamwork ensures a quality product completed on time.

HistorySmiths have extensive experience in:

  • researching, writing and editing manuscripts to clients’ specific requirements;
  • managing projects efficiently to meet tight budgets and timeframes;
  • working closely with commissioning bodies and steering committees;
  • submitting regular written reports and attending scheduled meetings;
  • encouraging broad participation through oral history making and written contributions; and
  • working closely with editors, indexers, designers, publishers and printers.