Editing and indexing

Our skilled editors offer a range of editing services and can assist with projects large and small, ranging from community histories to private projects, including family histories and personal memoirs.

Substantive editing involves reviewing the structure, content and style of your text to make sure your writing flows. Consultation between editor and author ensures clarity, completeness and readability.

Copyediting is the systematic process of checking your text for grammar, punctuation, frequently misused words, and clarity and consistency of writing style, in addition to checking for typographical and spelling errors. It may also involve ensuring that the tone of the writing is appropriate for its intended audience — a formal style may be required, for example, or a ‘chatty’, friendly tone.

Basic editing involves checking your text for typographical and spelling errors.

Proofreading involves checking the proof from the printer to make sure that all changes have been made and no mistakes have crept in, thereby avoiding costly printing errors.

Indexing is a skilled task, unique to each book. An index is an essential tool to the researcher and a great gift to the reader.

Major editing projects