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What is HistorySmiths?

HistorySmiths Pty Ltd was established in Melbourne in 1994. Our staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals offers research, writing and editing services. Commissioned histories and biographies constitute the major component of our work, and we make them both academically rigorous and highly readable. Because of our team approach, we can guarantee that the manuscript will be completed on time and to budget. No single writer, working alone, can provide such certainty. We are proud of the fact that to date we have successfully satisfied clients’ specifications, and produced on time and within budget, all of the works that we have been commissioned to write.

HistorySmiths’ research, writing and editing services are unique because our experience, enthusiasm, professionalism and training combine in a dynamic team committed to providing the best possible result for each client.

HistorySmiths Pty Ltd
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Telephone: 03 9663 9889