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Heritage Work

HistorySmiths can provide heritage architects with assessments of the cultural significance of buildings and places. Examining the broad history of an area, we thoroughly research each site, investigating the architect(s) and design of the buildings as well as how the site has been used and altered over the years. Comparisons with similar sites are drawn providing essential historical context.

137-139 Grano Street, Ararat

The home on this site was demolished before a Heritage Overlay in the Ararat Planning Scheme could be applied to the property. The home had been identified in the 1994 Ararat Heritage Study as being of local significance. HistorySmiths was commissioned to investigate whether there was any cultural or historical connection between the demolished home and the nearby Aradale Asylum.

Saxam Homestead, St Helena

Banyule City Council commissioned a brief project to research the history of Saxam Homestead to determine whether it has any historical or cultural significance and whether a Statement of Significance was warranted.

Saxam Homestead, St Helena

Conservation management plans
to which HistorySmiths has contributed:

37 Upton St Altona - January 2010


Kyneton Court House and Police Station Conservation Management Plan - August 2007


Ararat Court House and Police Station Conservation Management Plan - June 2007