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Editing Services

Make yourself understood

Communication is the primary objective of anything you write. Presentation with flair will attract attention, but for effective communication your writing must be clear, concise and correct. No matter how good your ideas are, faulty spelling, punctuation and grammar will undermine them.

Most workplace documents are written at speed under the pressure of a deadline. Given that as the writer you are generally too close to your own work to be able to edit or proofread it yourself, you should get your work checked by someone else – what’s needed is a fresh pair of eyes.

The HistorySmiths team combines the talents of meticulous editors and proofreaders whose professional experience and passion for words ensure a polished written product with a minimum of distracting errors. Our range of highly sought-after services is designed to accommodate your needs.

Our services

Substantive editing involves reviewing the structure, content and style of your text to make sure your writing flows. Consultation between editor and author ensures clarity, completeness and readability.

Copyediting is the systematic process of checking your text for grammar, punctuation, frequently misused words, and clarity and consistency of writing style, in addition to checking for typographical and spelling errors. It may also involve ensuring that the tone of the writing is appropriate for its intended audience – a formal style may be required, for example, or a ‘chatty’, friendly tone.

Basic editing involves checking your text for typographical and spelling errors.

Proofreading involves checking the proof from the printer to make sure that all changes have been made and no mistakes have crept in, thereby avoiding costly printing errors.

Major editing projects

More than just housing: the South Port Community Housing Group story, 1983–2018  152 pages

A famous old club: a history of the Brighton Cricket Club from 1842 to 2017  594 pages

There’s a bit of a larrikin element down there ...’: 100 years at the Hampton Cricket Club  373 pages

Xavier by the mountains: a history of the Buxton Outdoor Education Centre  129 pages


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